One Fine Day: Mia 001

"It was a perfect day for exploring. It was warm but not too hot. The river lazed by and a gentle breeze stirred the bush. The smell of eucalyptus mingled with warm earth and the occasional scent of wattle. A different type of wattle bloomed every month of the year. We were nearing the rocks when Paul put a hand on my arm.


"Look over there," he whispered."


If you enjoy a cracking Australian yarn, fun with friends and crazy family drama, join Mia and her mates in an adventure with a very dodgy side. Set in heartlands of central New South Wales, One Fine Day is an easy, enjoyable read.


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A Second Helping: Mia 002

One side of his face was swollen and purple, the eye totally closed. A trickle of blood ran down his chin from his mouth and was dripping onto the once white T-shirt he was wearing. His head was drooping forward.


"Sit up," a voice commanded from the background.


A gorgeous Queensland island becomes the backdrop to a sinister mystery.


Join feisty red-haired Mia in the second instalment of her series, along with her mad cap mates and even madder family, for a rollercoaster ride of drama, mystery and a sprinkle of romance.


A Second Helping is an easy, enjoyable Aussie yarn.


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Somewhere on the Long Flat Black Road

Somewhere on the long flat black road is a short novel about a group of year twelve students. Set in present day Australia, with a coastal background, it follows twins Alecia and Alex and their friends Zac, Rena and Cas on their journey to find their pathways in life.


This novel is about growing up, entering the demanding world of adulthood and finding yourself, and how dark beginnings can become lightened by hope.


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